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Zohydro Addiction – Drug Treatment and Rehab Program for Zohydro Addicts – IOP in Stuart Florida


Zohydro Addiction – and Rehab Program for Zohydro Addicts – IOP in Stuart Florida – http://www.RiseUpRecovery.com – The new pain killer Zohydro is a hydrocodone-based drug. One of the latest in a long line of dangerous painkillers called opi…



Was Married in TN, Im Livin in VA Now, Gettin Divorced, Husband Refuses to Sign Papers What Do I Do?

Question by princess2010: Was married in TN, im livin in VA now, gettin divorced, husband refuses to sign papers what do I do?
Ok I got married Jan 09,, got seperated two weeks before thanksgiving. I am filing for divorce but my husband says he refuses to sign the papers at all even if i give him what he wants which is to give up my son to him,, and still pay child support. Even when I told him I wasnt going to make him pay alomony, cause I know hes havin a hard time. He abused me threatened to kill me the whole nine yards, the cops wouldnt do nothing so I moved out of state, and am filing for divorce now that I got the money for the papers. He just simply wont sign hes that stubborn and ignorant he just wants to make it so ill be stuck with his last name and never be able to remarry. Does anyone know TN law when it comes the the spouse refusing to sign the papers. Is there a such thing as he has so many days once being served with the papers to either sign or give the court an answer.. and if he does nothing I can go to the court and file for default and certification. Which then the judge will grant the divorce and its over. THeres got to be around it, you cant force someone to sign the papers. if anyone knows pls tell me how,, THanks im desperate.

Does Drug Treatment Programs Include Activities or Lectures Regarding Family Issues?

Question by Fatima: Does programs include activities or lectures regarding family issues?
My brother Jeff checked into a drug rehab a week ago and I miss him. He says that he’s doing just fine and that he’s enjoying the activities and the lectures included in the program. I think he’s in for a fast recovery. Before entering rehab, he had a rift with our dad. They had a fight about his addiction with marijuana. There were shouting and blaming all over the place that the only thing that my mom managed to do is cry. I was wondering if the rehab provides lectures or discussions about rebuilding relationships with family members. I’m wishing for a reconciliation between Jeff and dad.

Pharmacy Drug That Gets You ‘drunk’?

Question by gravitate: Pharmacy drug that gets you ‘drunk’?
Is there a legal pharmacy drug you can take (with or without a prescription) that gives you the same feeling of being drunk?

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Answer by Willow
How about no.

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Where Is Drug Abuse Worst in the U.S.?

Question by : Where is drug abuse worst in the U.S.?
Any data would be great

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Answer by Alexander
I assume that the increased availability of drugs is where the greatest amount of harm is. drugs become bad when people don’t receive medical treatment. Since drugs can be shipped anywhere and access to health care is unfair, the worst problem is in large neighborhoods where many teens are on probation for drug related crimes.

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Do really work


Our View: Maine schools' high rankings don't mean problems are over

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The ranking was welcomed by the president of the Maine Education Association as evidence of what the teachers union has been saying all along: “that Maine schools do a wonderful job of educating our students.” But with all due respect to the … Some …
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Senate budget accommodates governor's requests

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