My Shopping Addiction?!?!?

Question by : My Shopping Addiction?!?!?
Girls: I know it’s sad, and it is hard to break, but I have an addiction to… SHOPPING! But I just don’t know why… it just feels good… look at staores, feeling free, having butterflies, giving the people the money, sitting my the fountain looking a all of your new trendy items, flaunting you bags and your bag, and of course, going home and putting away the best thing ever! I just sit there… and admire them… do y’all do the same? SAD MOMENT: When I don’t have time/money to go shopping, I go on YouTube and watch haul videos! Ugh. But I enjoy it… And it is actually something I dont want to stop… 1-10, how much do you chickas love shopping?! I vote… 100!!

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Answer by Awesome101
I love shopping but were not that rich so I can’t buy what I want and ur lucky enough that you can what u want :/

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Shopping Addiction – This video was made as part of our addiction module in college. we are 4th year social studies students and are hoping to make people more aware of shopping …


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