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Young Drug Abuse?

Question by Kate.L: Young ?
Young drug abuse is a serious proble nowadays in many countries, what are the reason for this and what can be done to combat it?

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Answer by Jinjer S
Lack of self esteem, lack of self confidence. Feeling the only way to belong is do what everyone else is doing.

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My Shopping Addiction?!?!?

Question by : My Shopping Addiction?!?!?
Girls: I know it’s sad, and it is hard to break, but I have an addiction to… SHOPPING! But I just don’t know why… it just feels good… look at staores, feeling free, having butterflies, giving the people the money, sitting my the fountain looking a all of your new trendy items, flaunting you bags and your bag, and of course, going home and putting away the best thing ever! I just sit there… and admire them… do y’all do the same? SAD MOMENT: When I don’t have time/money to go shopping, I go on YouTube and watch haul videos! Ugh. But I enjoy it… And it is actually something I dont want to stop… 1-10, how much do you chickas love shopping?! I vote… 100!!

Combatting America’s Prescription Drug Problem- Albany


Combatting America’s Problem- Albany – Video from Albany Ch 13.


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Drexel Elementary Dare Program 2013


Drexel Elementary Dare Program 2013 – http://www.MikeStroud.ws.


I Take Suboxone for Opiate Addiction. Is Suboxone Itself Addictive?

Question by terrielea: I take Suboxone for . Is suboxone itself addictive?

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Answer by Ladycat
With successful buprenorphine treatment as part of a complete treatment plan including counseling, the patient can put the addictive behavior into remission. The patient may still be “physically dependent” on opioids, (as they were prior to treatment) but this can be managed medically and reduced over time by a slow and gradual taper off of the medication. Physical dependence (often mistaken for “addiction”) is not a dangerous medical condition that requires treatment, addiction is. Addiction is damaging and life-threatening, while physical dependence is an inconvenience, and is normal physiology for anyone taking large doses of opioids for an extended period of time.

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