Pharmacy Drug That Gets You ‘drunk’?

Question by gravitate: Pharmacy drug that gets you ‘drunk’?
Is there a legal pharmacy drug you can take (with or without a prescription) that gives you the same feeling of being drunk?

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Answer by Willow
How about no.

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  • Absolut076 says:

    According to the “Hangover”, Rouffalin (rouffies) produce this effect on guys! And for girls, something else.

  • bumfluff.poopoo says:

    yeh but not really ‘drunk’. i know of 2 you can get without prescription but the reason theyre sold so freely is because theyre obviously theyre not actually recreational drugs……..the effects people abuse them for are actually just overdose symptoms. unless you OD you dont get the effects.
    for example, people hear they can hallucinate if they take loads of diphenhydramine and decide to try it, and then realise that before hallucinating they go through all the other OD symptoms for hours, such as-dry mouth, peeing nonstop (leading to dehydration), dizziness, shaking, feeling sick etc.
    and then when the ‘hallucinations’ start they realise that actually it doesnt act as a hallucinogen at high doses….its more of a deliriant. you know who you are or what youre doing and you sit talking to someone and then suddenly snap back to reality and realise no ones even there!

  • WRX-STi says:

    its not a pharmacy drug
    but its legal.
    actaully you might be able to get it in a pharmacy
    you snort it
    and its legal
    it started in switzerland
    i’ve done it lots

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