Does Drug Treatment Programs Include Activities or Lectures Regarding Family Issues?

Question by Fatima: Does programs include activities or lectures regarding family issues?
My brother Jeff checked into a drug rehab a week ago and I miss him. He says that he’s doing just fine and that he’s enjoying the activities and the lectures included in the program. I think he’s in for a fast recovery. Before entering rehab, he had a rift with our dad. They had a fight about his addiction with marijuana. There were shouting and blaming all over the place that the only thing that my mom managed to do is cry. I was wondering if the rehab provides lectures or discussions about rebuilding relationships with family members. I’m wishing for a reconciliation between Jeff and dad.

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Answer by trick
The answer to your question is yes. During their stay inside a drug rehab, patients are not only cured from their abuse of substances but are also trained to improve their behavior. There are seminars in which they are given the chance to open up about their family to let the counselors see through the type of environment they grew up in. Rehab programs also aim to rebuild whatever damage the drugs may have caused the family. In fact, there are even programs offered to family members of patients to help them deal with a loved one’s addiction. Those programs will help them recover faster from the shock and the pain brought by the addiction. Ask your parents to try the program. I don’t think it would hurt them. I’ll pray for your brother’s fast recovery and I’ll pray for a reconciliation between him and your dad.

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4 Responses to Does Drug Treatment Programs Include Activities or Lectures Regarding Family Issues?

  • Unsure says:

    yes they give counseling sessions round. because its not just kicking the drug, but they like to get to the reason of usage. once the reason is found then you need to work on dealing with those issues. getting clean and staying clean will be more than just in and out of treatment. addiction doesnt happen over night and neither does staying clean. it will be a life long battle. take it fromone addict- just be there and supportive. tough love- its hard but it needs to be done

  • MsAwesome says:

    Some places will have ‘Family Night.’ He can also ask his councilor to have a private meeting with just he and your father, (or anyone else).

  • OU81MODE says:

    Drug treatment programs and ReHab r2 different things drug traetment prog do. and his private counsler will when he’s so far his treatment the counslor will suggest 2ur brother that hes ready for family therapy

  • Stacyb says:

    The Ashley program is based on a traditional approach to addiction treatment … Services include primary, relapse and family treatment as well as continuing care. … therapeutic activities, daily lectures and continuing care planning for … substance abuse problems as well as programs for families affected by.The answer varies, but generally, if drinking or drug use interferes with family and social … emotional stability and/or spiritual life – chemical dependency is a problem. … Based on completely customized treatment planning and implementation, our … Treatment Program participate in all Inpatient Program activities, lectures …….adolescent drug treatment texas

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