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Combatting America’s Prescription Drug Problem- Albany


Combatting America’s Prescription Drug Problem- Albany – Video from Albany Ch 13.


Where Is Drug Abuse Worst in the U.S.?

Question by : Where is drug abuse worst in the U.S.?
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Answer by Alexander
I assume that the increased availability of drugs is where the greatest amount of harm is. drugs become bad when people don’t receive medical treatment. Since drugs can be shipped anywhere and access to health care is unfair, the worst problem is in large neighborhoods where many teens are on probation for drug related crimes.

No Such Thing as Addiction to Prescription Drugs?

Question by : No such thing as Addiction to Prescription Drugs?
Whenever I hear abt ppl becoming addicted to xanax or adder all I always say man that is bulllllls***..

The first thing ppl do when they use pills recreation ally is use like 3 times the.reccomended normal dose and end.up blacking out and being sent to the hospital for drinking on them..

Every review or addiction story I read someone always friend.said they’ll get me I popped like 3 of em. WHY? Without even doing research or talking to, u just gone sit there and be irresponsible and pop 5 bars on ur first time and then come on the internet and try to persuade ppl to take these drugs off Y’all trippin

NIDA TV Spotlight on Carol Boyd: Prescription Drug Abuse in Youth


NIDA TV Spotlight on Carol Boyd: Prescription Drug Abuse in Youth – NIDA TV interview with University of Michigan Professor and NIDA Grantee, Carol Boyd, Ph.D, M.S.N. following her presentation on Prescription Drug Abuse in Y…


What Is Drug Rehab…..?

Question by : What is drug rehab…..?

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Answer by patricia
It’s a place where people go who have a dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol,prescription drugs,and street drugs such as cocaine,heroin,amphetamines,to get clean or break their dependency on these drugs
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Drug Addiction / Dependence & Employment?

Question by cna1970: Drug Addiction / Dependence & employment?
I’ve been taking pain medication for a medical reason for a few years…. I take more than I should and realize that I am going to need help getting off this medication. I function & work normally…. noone has a clue & if I run out of meds early then I just say I got a cold/flu or whatever.
My pain is controlled but as I said I take more than I should…. not alot more but still it’s getting to be an issue and I want to try and get off this stuff. I’ve tried weaning off…ya right…no will power.
I started a new job a few moths ago & can’t just take a week off yet. I really can’t afford to miss even a day of work either but I will if I have to but I am scared to lose my job as well.
My question is:
If I’m honest with my employer and just tell them I need a week or 2 off to attend a detox program…. can they fire me legally or do I have any rights? Instead of pain meds I was going to say I drink as soon as I get home until I go to bed every night and I need help.
I take a long acting pain med…. 1 every 12hrs and I don’t get “high” or at least I don’t feel “high” plus I take a fast acting pain pill when needed & I’m allowed 2 of those a day ….. I take a couple extra of the fast acting pain med at night when I’m home for the night….never at work.
I work fine and not doppy or anything so there is no reason for work to think I’m on anything unless I tell them.
OH and by the way whoever said I was still on probation….. ya ok whatever…. I’ve never been in legal trouble in my life so try another one.
Also- I’ve never called out of work….. I’ve run out of meds a few times and still deal with it and go into work. They have no reason to fire me except this one issue….. but I think I will tell them I’ve been on them awhile and my pain is controlled I want off the meds and try new things. Maybe in future I’ll need meds again but hopefully my tolerence will be lower and 1 pill will work instead of 2.