Where Is Drug Abuse Worst in the U.S.?

Question by : Where is drug abuse worst in the U.S.?
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I assume that the increased availability of drugs is where the greatest amount of harm is. drugs become bad when people don’t receive medical treatment. Since drugs can be shipped anywhere and access to health care is unfair, the worst problem is in large neighborhoods where many teens are on probation for drug related crimes.

Find the largest cities and start with the average percent of money the working class spends on alcohol. Consider how much more prescription drugs are accessible to those with private medical insurance. The main drugs that actually become a problem are pain relievers, anxiolytics, and stimulants. Consider how drugs are available online, and they come from other countries. Other websites even sell new drugs. These new drugs are perhaps the most dangerous and can be purchased by anyone. Be sure you know what you’re asking by “worst in the U.S.” If it’s geographically, expand on this, because drugs come from other countries as well as the U.S.

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