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Amphetamine Abuse (Strange Symptom)?

Question by lancee813: Amphetamine Abuse (strange symptom)?
I know someone (60 yrs. old) who was abusing dexadrine and then adderall for over a year, during this time I noticed that they were constantly humming this short tune, over and over and over again, all the time. This humming began around the time the abuse began. He was combining the amphetamines with Vicodin , Effexor, and Seroquel. He has supposedly been clean of the amphetamines for the last month yet the humming continues. Could this possibly be a sign of brain damage from the drug abuse? Also, why did the drug induce this constant humming in the first place? Thanks for any help..

Does the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center at Clear Lake Regional in the Houston Area Use the 12 Step Program?

Question by liz g: Does the alcohol and drug treatment center at Clear Lake Regional in the Houston area use the 12 step program?
I know someone going there and I was wondering if she is going to be introduced to the 12 step program.

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Answer by Blues Man
I believe all alcohol or drug rehabs use the 12 step program as part of their criteria. Everyone that I know that has been in any of these programs, the 12 steps were used along with an AA or NA book. They did other things too but yes if I was going to bet, I would that she will be exposed to this program. Ur a good friend. Wishing U the best.

Houston Texas Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab


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Treatment Centers That Accept WellPoint PPO Insurance


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How Can I Find Drug Rehabs in California? Coachella, Specifically.?

Question by arlette p: How can I find drug rehabs in California? Coachella, specifically.?
We’ve recently just moved here. I’m not familiar with the place yet. I just really need to find a drug rehab for my daughter. She’s been a really good girl, which is why it’s such a shock to us when we found out that she has been taking in drugs. It’s so uncharacteristic for her. I guess it’s just because she has gotten into bad company. I really feel sad about this, as if I haven’t done a good job of raising her. Can anyone tell me how I’m going to find drug rehabs?

POLL: Shouldn’t Weed Might as Well Be Legal?

Question by : POLL: Shouldn’t weed might as well be legal?
I mean its not like people aren’t afraid of talking about it and stuff, theres a whole weed subculture and there are so many references to weed in the media and stuff.

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Answer by ??? ??v????™
yeah only you would ask that…

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