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Question by kingforaday…: very serious question:?
do you know anyone who’s been addicted to crack and quit? if so how’d they do it?

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Answer by Samarama
My friend went to rehab. They stayed there for 90 days and came out clean. Every day has been a struggle, but they have been cleen for 3 years now.

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  • Nika says:

    Yes, I personally know someone. My fiance’s uncle was addicted to crack and after a long struggle and with God’s help–he quit. He gained weight, quit stealing, went to church, and stopped travelling all hours of the night. He went to a really good drug rehab program in Oklahoma. He went for 90 days. They required that he got a job and practiced responsibility. He also had good family support. At times, he would come back home and try to fall back into the habit, but he overcame it. With God’s help, anybody can do anything. Now he’s been clean for 6 months.

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