Can You Force an Adult in Indiana Legally to Go Into Rehab or Go to Jail?

Question by Chloe: Can you force an adult in Indiana legally to go into rehab or go to jail?
I’m fearful of losing my 31-year-old boyfriend to a very serious Heroin addiction. I think he deep down inside wants to get better. He has done very little though to find help as he gets frustrated because he has no money or insurance for a rehab facility. He is on death’s door. I’ve seriously considered finding a way to have him arrested but I KNOW that jail will only succeed into keeping clean while he’s there and the second he get out, he’ll use again. He’s done a couple of stints in jail for a few weeks and it did no good. He really needs at least a 3 month drug rehab inpatient treatment facility followed by going to a halfway house or a sober living facility. I don’t want to give up on him. PLEASE HELP! Any links or personal experience stories is greatly appreciated. I’d really like to hear from a lawyer or law student or even a police officer that has dealt with individuals like these. He still has so much to offer this world. When I met him 9 years ago, he was clean and totally different. He was hard-working, very likeable, honest, and strong. He is none of these things now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I do NOT want to have to go to my boyfriend’s own funeral.

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Answer by Will
AA has a branch called NA. Why don’t you call your local AA office. They should be able to give advise to you.on what direction to take. Or go to some AA/NA support group meetings.

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  • Bibigirl says:

    My best friend became a heroin addict after her husband died suddenly. I do know that less than 1% of heroin addicts ever get clean and stay clean. She was on Methadone and was still shooting heroin on top of it. She spent months in a rehab, got out went right back to the needle. She went on shoplifting sprees to pay for the habit, in and out of jail, stealing from everyone she could. It’s a living hell. Possession of heroin is a felony so if caught he would go to jail but other than that they don’t arrest people because they won’t seek help for an addiction, that in itself is not a crime.

  • Jellybelly says:

    well sounds like you’re a moron for willingly staying with this guy

  • Success Unlimited says:

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