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I Need Help on My Situation?

Question by : i need help on my situation?
ok like 2 months ago my parents called the cops on me for taking his truck im 16 im not a bad child and i was sent to jail for 2 and 1/2 days that was the worst experance of my life now 2 months down the road my probation officer has told me i need a mental evaluation and a drug eval i got my drug eval and they reccumended i do a out patent procedure i like to smoke pot it makes me feel happy i like drugs but i can stop dooing them i have b 4 but any way my i went to the judge and he said i need to compleat somthing called project u turn and and my drug thing so ok but then someone on my road broke into a camp up the road and someone supposible said they saw me and 3 other friends running out and i can tell the world it was not me i hade nothng to do with it and the cops were here and took my statement not just the other day i took the key to my g-pas grage cuz he dont life at his house n e more so all of his old shit is in his grage so i took the key and took a bottle of wisky “he dident even know he hade” so the next day my parents were pissed at me and said they were ganna have me sent back to jail for theft and i somehow convenced them to not to and now they are making me go to a 28 day inpatent rehab center and im not allowed to leave the house till that and if i do they are ganna call the cops and ill be arrested AND I DONT WANT THAT now i hate my house and my parents are virball abusive and my dad is a vicious drunk and i hate my house ide rather be with friends and now i have to stay home all day my whole family is going to a convetion tomm and i get to senior sit my g-pa (he lives with me and i hate him )for the whole day and i hate how my parents are holding the well call the cops shit over my head and i also found out today my mom is e-mailing my probation officers home e-mail not her work one so i got violated for not calling and setting up all my apps but my judge said i hade a mounth and it has yet to be a month soooooooo i cant even hange with friends i cant go ANYWERE (if i walk out tmy parents will call the cops ) so i cant go for a walk to cool off and i cant talk to any of my friends I CANT DO ANYTHING and my life b 4 was i could come and go when ever now i cant and i cant stand it im secersley thing about suicide i hate both of my parents my grandpa and all of them are holding jail over my head and im going insane so that seams like the onley way out now i cant tell n e one how i feel ill get shoved into a nut house SOOOOO PLEASE HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
MY mom sent my probation officer one of my aim onvos with a friend to the e-mail i was talking about i cant keep staying in this house and the onley way out is eather jail or rehab and i dont want eather so ive been thinking suicide i know its but but i rele hate my life and how its going i know some was my fauld but my parents are like dumping gas on a fire and making it worse PLEASE HELP ME

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Entering a Drug Rehab?

Question by hornsfan1134: entering a drug rehab?
im curious to know what goes on in a drug rehab.. my friend does drugs, quiet often.. and is quiet broke because of it.. he does meth once every two months or so… coke probably once a week, and smokes weed like people smoke cigs, i bet he gets high 10 times aday… i want him to enter rehab and i want to explain to him what all goes on.. what the facility is like… if it can be kept private, how much it cost.. what he actually does inside the facility… etc …. hes been doing weed for about 5 year’s, hes 19, meth for about 8-10months, and coke for about the same duration

Where Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Los Angeles, California?

Question by ADAMARIS B: Where can I find drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California?
My dad have been a drug user since I was 12. Am so sad that I can’t spend some time bonding with him because he’s always drugged. I want to help him so that our family will be whole again.

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Answer by anahi i
Don’t worry, you can easily find drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles. Aside from rehab centers, you can also find clinics and medical centers. Go to any counseling services in your area so that you will be informed about the treatments available. Good luck! And I hope your family supports your father so that he can recover fast.

Locating a Drug Rehab Facility?

Question by KS: Locating a drug rehab facility?
Hey everyone,
i really need your help. My best friend was admitted to a drug rehab facility in the Cape Cod, MA area last week. I don’t know the name of the clinic, and his parents are refusing to talk to any of his friends during this time. I really need to just call him and talk to him even for a few minutes. I have heard there are privacy issues with patient confidentiality. It is just hurting me not to know how he is. Do you guys know of anyway that I can provide his name and the area he is in to a call center or rehab locater and find out where he is? Is this even possible with only this information? Thanks all.

What Do You Think About This?

Question by ?LiveLaughLove?: What do you think about this?
My uncle died November the 30th of 2005. He fell asleep on the road and was rushed to the Helena Regional Medical Center in Arkansas. When he arrived at the hospital he was doing just fine he was walking around and talking. Then he says he couldn’t breathe this turns out to be internal bleeding. The doctors said they could have saved him But he is just another drug dealer.

Is it right for you to not try to save someone’s life because of the lifestyle they chose?