Entering a Drug Rehab?

Question by hornsfan1134: entering a drug rehab?
im curious to know what goes on in a drug rehab.. my friend does drugs, quiet often.. and is quiet broke because of it.. he does meth once every two months or so… coke probably once a week, and smokes weed like people smoke cigs, i bet he gets high 10 times aday… i want him to enter rehab and i want to explain to him what all goes on.. what the facility is like… if it can be kept private, how much it cost.. what he actually does inside the facility… etc …. hes been doing weed for about 5 year’s, hes 19, meth for about 8-10months, and coke for about the same duration

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Answer by nyskiermom
First of all, in the US, you can’t just go to rehab. Most insurance companies force you to fail at outpatient treatment before you can go inpatient.

Assuming he’s still motivated to get well after failing at outpatient treatment, (yeah, the system s*cks) it is more of an educational experience than anything else.

Most rehabs are very nice facilities, like high-end college dorms. He will spend his days going to lectures and meetings. He’ll learn about his illness, learn how to manage it, learn how to rearrange his life when he gets out so that he can stay sober. He’ll be fed well and encouraged to exercise, too.

Most places have special programs that will involved the rest of his family as well. That means if he has any baggage with his dad or mom, it will get talked about. At age 19 the family piece might not be required like it is with younger people.

Good luck.

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