Prayer for Drug Addicts…?

Question by MAX CADY: Prayer for drug addicts…?
Please look at this question:

Why did so many people tell this girl to PRAY for a drug addict and none of them mentioned DRUG TREATMENT??

Shouldn’t this person see a licensed medical professional who can treat people with drug addiction?

Don’t you feel that it is DANGEROUS and foolish to advise a person with a serious drug addiction to simply “pray” when science and statistics clearly show us that drug treatment is the only PROVEN way to treat drug addicts??
hey papaofgirlmegan: so you don’t agree with me? If it was one of your family members you would rather “pray” for them than give them treatment? Wow, you are a sick man.
hey benitocanadian: Ra + treatment= cured!
Hey Esther: You do realize that science has statistically proven that the most effective treatment for drug addiction is REHABILITATION…….right? I’ll make you a bet….you pray for 100 drug addicts and I’ll send 100 addicts to rehab….who do you think will win??? WAKE UP!
Rkirby: Why am I angry???? Because religious WHACKOS are advising people with SERIOUS medical conditions to “pray” instead of seeking help from a Doctor. Don’t you see how dangerous this is? Wake UP!!!
tequila: Nice try. So no atheists attend AA/NA? No Buhdists? They don’t believe in your “god”. Also, AA and NA (while good alternatives) don’t have anywhere CLOSE to the long term success rate as LONG TERM inpatient (secular) treatment centers who rely on FACTS and MEDICINE, not invisible “spirits” and superstition.
OCCUPYING SPACE: are you telling me that people without “faith” can’t be cured of addictions? That’s funny, I know of atheists who have gone to inpatient treatment centers for addictions with great success. What’s funny is that these centers make no mention of “god”.
JesusFan: you said jesus can heal anybody right? Please provide evidence to support your bizzare claims.

Best answer:

Answer by fireball226
i think treatement should definitely be advised yes

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12 Responses to Prayer for Drug Addicts…?

  • Shane says:

    i trust God much much more than a doctor. But sitll…pray that the treatment goes well….

  • benitocanadian says:

    I think a combination of professional drug treatment and prayer to Ra would be the best and most effective treatment.

  • Sarge says:

    Prayer is useless.

  • Esther says:

    We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    You don’t know this, I understand. What gives someone the desire to do things which will destroy them?

    The bible says satan comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

    Step out of the way.

  • son?shine says:

    Gino, I did not see that question asked but I see you answered. Could you have looked up the information on drug treatment facilities and shared it with the person asking?

    The person asking the question did only ask for prayer for the person, but it wouldn’t hurt to at least give some links to sites which could possibly help the person to get into a treatment facility.

    Take care.

  • Angel Girl says:

    The girl is no longer in touch with this person. However she is very concern about his well-being & she is doing her best to assist him. Overcoming serious addiction is not so simple.

  • rkirby1331 says:

    You are right – both should be done but prayer was asked for.
    Why are you angry about it – these are caring people reaching out – how about appreciating that, and the prayers?

  • -tequila7+ says:

    Yes, it IS dangerous. Although AA and NA are spiritual programs, whose members often rely on prayer, addictions is a medical problem and needs to be handled by a medical professional at least initially. The Big Book of AA addresses this issue on p.133 which states the “God has abundantly supplied the earth with many fine doctors….we do not hesitate to take our health care matters to them.” And btw, so far, consequences are the only KNOWN cure for addiction. The greatest consequence is death, which is a cure but not the best option. Peace.


    If you do not have faith, then you will not know how this works. But at least know that AA , the most universal successful program out there uses a prayer towards God as one of its basic teachings.

  • JesusFan says:

    God can heal anybody! Faith, it takes faith. It’s sad that so many people don’t know God’s power and LOVE He has for us.

  • Moderation in all things says:

    You are correct of course – seeing a licensed medical professional who can treat people for drug addiction is what we all hope happens.
    People may have thought she just wants spiritual comfort, as she may.
    Everyone may be in denial as to how dangerous addictive drugs are – and that he can kick his habit alone.

  • Story Junkie says:

    Perhaps they feel helpless in the face of something so overwhelming, but also, there have been stories, and I’ve heard them too. One of them: a family became concerned for a brother who had become so badly alcoholic he was a street rubbie, so they decided to get to gether, and for nine days, without rest, they took turns to pray for him, not taking a break for all that time. At the end of it, he cleaned up and came home, and he has not gone back again to that life.

    whether it was coincidence or not, or whatever explanation you think of, I’ve heard other stories other than this. I don’t think its dangerous. No more dangerous than having a baby at home as opposed to having it at a hospital. sure it may seem foolish to do so, and to others, ridiculous not to.

    I wouldn’t get worked up about it. Praying actually helps bring down anxiety anyway, (which is medically proven) and positive reinforcement of positive messages is never wrong. Besides, the medical profession isn’t the be all and end all for addicts either. Many many in treatment go straight back to their old ways as soon as the door is closed.

    Perhaps what people really need to hear from themselves and from the others around them is how precious they are to them, no matter what. We all have redeemable traits, right?

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