Insurance Drug Rehab?

Question by student07: insurance drug rehab?
What instrance companies pay for or help pay for Drug rehab in North Carolina?

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Answer by Insurance Biz CT
If you already have insurance, check with them to see if the rehab is covered. In some states, inpatient treatment includes drug/alcohol rehab, so it has to be covered the same as any other reason to be hospitalized.

If you don’t have insurance, chances are you won’t find a company who will accept you knowing that you need to go to rehab. You will be asked in the application process if you have been hospitalized or have been advised to be hospitalized in the last 12 months. If you answer honestly and tell them that you have been advised to be hospitalized, you may not be approved for coverage. If you lie and later the insurance company finds out, you could be stuck with no insurance and a big bill.

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