How Much Is a Legal Seperation in Burlington, Nc?

Question by mel: how much is a legal seperation in burlington, nc?
i have been in a marriage for 3 years out of 6 we’ve been together. throughout our entire marriage, my husband has went back to crack coccaine usage. He’s been to court before, for drug paranelia, and i’ve taken him to the emergency room one time, and he’s been to detox center. he’s also been to the mental health building. i have all these factors and cant use them for help when trying to tell the judge. i have to have evidence,and these places wont give them to me, because of hippa doesnt matter if im his wife or not. i want to seek a lawyer for a legal seperation, but in dont want to be financially drained. my husband and i have tried to work out our marriage and i’ve made drastic sacrifices for him. he still wants our marriage to work, but i just dont see it. he’s betrays my trust and my feelings, saying he wont go back. but he’s been to 3 rehab places . what am i up against with legal seperation. after all i cant get child support, because he has no paystub

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Answer by SweetGGirl
There is no legal separation in North Carolina. You do not need a reason to divorce in North Carolina (No Fault). All you need to do in North Carolina is live in separate residences for one year and one day. Then you can file for divorce. Once you file for divorce you serve your spouse the divorce papers, then you go to the court and get your court date. Once you have your court date, you go to court, answer a few questions and the judge will grant you a divorce.
You will need to complete a separation agreement, signed and notarized by both parties to separate your items prior to the court date.
You will also need to work out a custody agreement (which I know nothing about) and support payments. Ensure you get support payments in force, that way, if he ever gets clean, you can get payments at that time.

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  • that judi says:

    Because there is a child involved, CPS can help you and county social services will help as well. Call them today and get the help you and your child need.

    Don’t bother with a legal separation…waste of money. Put the $ $ toward a restraining order and get into a shelter NOW.

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