How Cam I Help My Brother?

Question by Fireball Marine: How cam i help my brother?
I have a brother that is 28yrs old, Justin, , he is 12yrs younger than me. Well he is a complete bum, he has a problem with authority so he can’t hold a job. Well our dad kicked him out of his house for like the 4th time (Justin bounces between family in TN and Ohio, with our dad or sister) 2mo ago, well I told him as long as he tried to prosper himself then he could stay with me and my family for awhile. He has been here since Feb 19th and he hasn’t even looked for a job yet, he has bummed $ 250 from me which I later found out he used to buy drugs with. My 5yr old daughter found a used needle in his room on the floor, I knew he use to use heroine but I thought he went to rehab. Needless to say I kicked him out. He stayed with us for 2mo and he never even washed a cup or paid a bill.

Can someone give me some advice on how i can get through to my brother? He seems to think the world owes him something..

P.S. Justin also has a 6yr old son that he never sees even though he can, he is about 3k on back child support. His son came up for 4 days to visit and he stayed out at our sisters house well Justin seen him for about 30min all together out of the 4days. His son lives with his mom in Ohio, Justin was in Tennessee at the time and our sister lived about 20min away so he doesnt have a real reason on not visiting his own son for longer than 30min.

Justin needs to learn that the world dont owe him anything, most of our family is done helping him.
He is my brother and i love him so all advice is welcome.
I am soo sorry, I did not mean to post this here. I am on my Droid Eris and I could have sworn I chose the category family.

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Answer by Mandy
Sorry to hear about your situation. But it appears that everyone who is helping him is actually enabling him. You knew that the money he got was going to be used for drugs. Nobody can help an addict unless he is willing to help himself, like be committed to a drug rehabilitation center where he can get professional help. BTW, nobody owes the guy anything. All he cares about is his drugs, not you, not his family, nobody!

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