Do Addiction Treatments and Drug Rehabs Really Work?

Question by annalisa ngl: Do addiction treatments and drug rehabs really work?
How come Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears aren’t any better even after undergoing such?

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Answer by sorri
Only if you want it to and not because somebody is forcing you to go.

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21 Responses to Do Addiction Treatments and Drug Rehabs Really Work?

  • TBONE says:

    because its called addiction!!!!

  • ayesha e says:

    There are a lot of people who have recovered from their drug addiction because of treatment and rehabilitation. Sadly, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears just aren’t among those people. You see, though treatments and rehab can be effective, the moment that the person gets out and deals with the outside world, the temptations are bound to come back. It is their choice on whether they would choose to go back to their old ways, or just stay sober. So yes, drug rehabs work. But ultimately, if you want to stay sober after undergoing treatment, you have to work at it.

  • debbie d says:

    i believe they do help-IF your really ready to quit?there’s a lot of good people who work hard to help you, but if you don’t put forth an effort or are, there’s no-one that can help you. with Lindsay and Brittany, they been there so many times, they know the program,and how to play the game-of going there for court,before their told to go there,makes them look like there trying, but really they don’t care, they just wan ta be party girls and have enough-money to keep pay there way out. now for younger people, i believe sometimes they learn to much stuff at these places, about more drugs they never heard of and different highs they can catch

  • jon waters says:

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  • CaptainPassion says:

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  • Justin Credible says:

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  • Phoenix G. says:

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  • kekekiwi says:

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  • Xrisa Kas says:

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  • Angie Li says:

    1:04 Rubbing salt in your wounds, huh :D?

  • Abie garrison says:

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  • murat kaymak says:

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  • Aini Zabuddin says:

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  • caroline salv says:

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  • Naomi Sitney says:

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  • It'zAbby says:

    Can u just use normal salt??

  • Demi Shaw says:

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  • Kim Tran says:

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  • hailey martinez says:

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  • Darkish Girl says:

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