Combatting America’s Prescription Drug Problem- Albany


Combatting America’s Prescription – Albany – Video from Albany Ch 13.


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Low-Cost Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Rehab in Idaho 1-855-602-5102


Low-cost Alcoholism and Rehab In Idaho 1-855-602-5102 – Call 1-855-602-5102 Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Rehab In Idaho Addiction t…



Does Drug Treatment Programs Include Activities or Lectures Regarding Family Issues?

Question by Fatima: Does drug treatment programs include activities or lectures regarding family issues?
My brother Jeff checked into a a week ago and I miss him. He says that he’s doing just fine and that he’s enjoying the activities and the lectures included in the program. I think he’s in for a fast recovery. Before entering rehab, he had a rift with our dad. They had a fight about his addiction with marijuana. There were shouting and blaming all over the place that the only thing that my mom managed to do is cry. I was wondering if the rehab provides lectures or discussions about rebuilding relationships with family members. I’m wishing for a reconciliation between Jeff and dad.

Drexel Elementary Dare Program 2013


Drexel Elementary Dare Program 2013 –


Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Drug Addiction Treatment Centers (Ep.1)


Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Centers (Ep.1) – Guest David takes the stage to share his experience, strength, and hope as a recovering addict with just shy of one. Sarah Michelle, 24, shares her story of …


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Pharmacy Drug That Gets You ‘drunk’?

Question by gravitate: Pharmacy drug that gets you ‘drunk’?
Is there a legal pharmacy drug you can take (with or without a prescription) that gives you the same feeling of being drunk?

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Answer by Willow
How about no.

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